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Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: FDA’s Current Activities – IF00017

Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: FDA’s Current Activities – IF00017 published on

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which evaluates human and animal drugs for safety and effectiveness, is concerned that public health may be at risk from certain antibiotic uses in food animals. According to FDA, foods of animal origin may be contaminated with pathogens that cause certain types of foodborne infections, and antibiotic use in animals that produce these foods may render the infections less amenable to treatment, due to antibiotic resistance.

In response, FDA has issued two guidance documents for industry that define judicious use of antibiotics, ask animal drug companies voluntarily to stop labeling antibiotics for production uses, and call for more veterinary oversight. FDA says a voluntary approach is the fastest and most efficient way to tighten control over the use of medically important antibiotics. Regulatory action may require FDA to conduct product-by-product evaluations that could require more time and resources.

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