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Army Corps Civil Works Funding: A Primer – IF00012

Army Corps Civil Works Funding: A Primer – IF00012 published on

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is an agency in the Department of Defense with both military and civil works responsibilities. At the direction of Congress, the Corps plans, builds, operates, and maintains a range of water resource and related recreation facilities. Its civil works responsibilities are principally to support navigation, reduce flood and storm damage, and protect and restore aquatic ecosystems. The agency also has several water resources regulatory responsibilities and issues multiple types of permits. Congress typically funds Corps civil works activities through annual Energy and Water Development Appropriations acts. Congress often provides more funds than requested by the Administration, as shown in Figure 1.

Prior to attention and restrictions on congressionally directed spending, much of the additional funding provided by Congress was designated for use on specific studies or projects. More recently, Congress has provided “additional funding” for sets of Corps activities, without identifying specific projects. In doing so, Congress has provided guidance to the Administration on the types of projects that should receive those funds and often requires the Administration to report back on which projects it selects to receive these funds. “Additional funding” represented $777 million in FY2014 and $510 million in FY2012, respectively representing 14% and 10% of the agency’s budget in those years.

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