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Sudan: Issues for Congress – IF00034

Sudan: Issues for Congress – IF00034 published on

When it was unified (1956-2011), Sudan was Africa’s largest nation, and the site of its longest running civil war. In 2011, after decades of fighting broadly described as a conflict between the “Arab” Muslim north and “African” Christian and animist south, Sudan split in two. Mistrust between Sudan and South Sudan lingers, and unresolved disputes still threaten the stability of the region. The north-south split did not resolve other simmering Sudanese conflicts, notably in Darfur, Blue Nile, and Southern Kordofan. Overlapping struggles between security forces and armed groups, among ethnic groups, and between nomadic and farming communities have caused extensive displacement and human suffering. Across the country, social tensions, economic pressures, and political dissent pose ongoing challenges for the Islamist government that came to power through a coup in 1989.

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