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The President’s FY2015 Budget and STEM Education – IF00013

The President’s FY2015 Budget and STEM Education – IF00013 published on

Policymakers have an active and enduring interest in STEM education. The topic is raised in federal science, education, workforce, national security, and immigration policy debates. Various analysts have attempted to inventory the federal STEM education effort. These inventories have identified between 105 and 252 STEM education programs and activities at 13 to 15 agencies. Annual federal appropriations for STEM education are typically in the range of about $2.8 billion to $3.4 billion.  

FY2015 Proposed Reorganization. The Obama Administration’s FY2015 budget request proposes a government-wide reorganization of federal STEM education programs. According to the Office of Management and Budget, the reorganization would consolidate or terminate 31 programs at 9 agencies, affecting $145 million in FY2014 budget authority. (Details may change as new budgetary data become available.) Funding would stay at each agency, but would focus on the priorities outlined in the National Science and Technology Council’s Federal STEM Education 5-Year Strategic Plan.

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