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U.S. Secret Service Protection – IF10130

U.S. Secret Service Protection – IF10130 published on

The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) conducts two missions’ criminal investigations and protection. Criminal investigations focus primarily on financial crimes, whereas protection focuses on the safety and security of specific government officials. The criminal investigation mission is the USSS’s oldest mission; however, the protection mission is the one that receives the most public and media attention. The protection mission is the more visible, and includes the protection of the President, Vice President, their families, former Presidents, and major candidates for those offices, along with the White House and Vice President’s residences. Protective activities of the USSS also extend to foreign missions (embassies, consulates, residences, and other buildings used by foreign governments) in the District of Columbia and to designated individuals, such as the Department of Homeland Security Secretary and visiting dignitaries. Separate from protecting these specific mandated individuals, USSS is responsible for certain security activities such as National Special Security Events, which include inauguration ceremonies, major party quadrennial national conventions, as well as some international conferences and events held in the United States.

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