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Medicaid’s Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) Exclusion – IF10222

Medicaid’s Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) Exclusion – IF10222 published on

Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that finances the delivery of primary and acute medical services, as well as long-term services and supports, for a diverse low-income population, including children, pregnant women, adults, individuals with disabilities, and people aged 65 and older. (See CRS Report R43357, Medicaid: An Overview.)  Medicaid’s IMD exclusion limits the circumstances under which federal Medicaid matching funds are available for inpatient mental health care. Policymakers have concerns about access to mental health care, and in recent years some have introduced bills to amend or eliminate the IMD exclusion. The scope of the unmet need for inpatient mental health care for individuals with mental illness on Medicaid is unknown, as is the extent to which the need might be met by increasing community-based care or inpatient care in facilities that are not IMDs. 

Date of Report: 5/8/2015
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