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OPM Publishes Guidance on Use of Federal Leave for New Parents – IN10267

OPM Publishes Guidance on Use of Federal Leave for New Parents – IN10267 published on

On April 15, 2015, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) published a handbook that outlines leave options available to federal employees for pregnancy and childbirth, adoption, and foster care placement. For each of these circumstances, the handbook provides examples of activities that warrant the use of sick leave (Table 1) and other leave options (such as annual leave and leave sharing programs). The handbook notes that federal employees may use annual leave, but not sick leave, to bond with or care for a healthy newborn, new foster child, or newly adopted child, unless ordered by the court or adoption agency. The handbook advises agencies to advance annual and sick leave (i.e., provide leave that has not yet been accrued) to federal employees "to the maximum extent practicable" for the reasons listed in Table 1. Agencies may, but are not required to, grant advanced annual and sick leave to its employees under current laws and regulations.

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