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U.S. Farm Policy: Local and Regional Food Systems – IF10232

U.S. Farm Policy: Local and Regional Food Systems – IF10232 published on

Many federal programs that support local foods generally define “local” based on the geographic distance between food production and sales based on the number of miles the food may be transported and/or require that food be sold within the state where it is produced to be considered local. A wide range of farm businesses may be considered to be engaged in local foods. These include direct-to-consumer marketing, farmers’ markets, farm-to-school programs, community-supported agriculture (CSA), community gardens, school gardens, and food hubs. Other types of operations may include on-farm sales/stores, internet marketing, food cooperatives and buying clubs, roadside stands, “pick-your-own” operations, urban farms, community kitchens, small-scale food processing and decentralized root cellars, and some agritourism or on-farm recreational activities. 

Date of Report: May 28, 2015
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