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South Korea: Background and U.S. Relations – IF10165

South Korea: Background and U.S. Relations – IF10165 published on

Since late 2008, relations between the United States and South Korea (known officially as the Republic of Korea, or ROK) arguably have been the most robust since the formation of the U.S.-ROK alliance in 1953. Cooperation on North Korea policy has been particularly close, and the two countries have adjusted the alliance in the face of a changing threat from Pyongyang. South Korea also has taken the first steps toward a possible entry into the U.S.- led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, which would build on the 2011 United States-Korea FTA (KORUS FTA). Notwithstanding the positive state of the relationship, in the coming months U.S.-South Korea ties could be tested by developments in areas where the two countries occasionally disagree, such as how best to handle tense South Korea-Japan relations. President Park has promoted a number of initiatives with North Korea that may go against the grain of U.S. policies increasing pressure on Pyongyang. South Korea also hesitates to take steps it perceives China could view as antagonistic, occasionally leading to differences with the United States.

Date of Report: June 12, 2015
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