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Westlands Drainage Settlement: A Primer – IF10245

Westlands Drainage Settlement: A Primer – IF10245 published on

The Westlands Water District provides water to users in the Western San Joaquin Valley. It is located within the San Luis Unit of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s (“Reclamation”) Central Valley Project. In its initial feasibility report for the San Luis Unit, Reclamation indicated that drainage facilities would be required to carry away waste irrigation water in order to prevent salt accumulations that would render the soil unfit for irrigation. For that reason, the San Luis Act, P.L. 86-488, 74 Stat. 156 (1960), which authorized the creation of the San Luis Unit, prohibited Reclamation from commencing construction of the San Luis Unit until it either received assurances from the state of California that it would provide a master drainage outlet for the San Joaquin Valley or Reclamation had provided for the construction of an “interceptor drain” (as described in Reclamation’s feasibility study) that would meet the drainage requirements of the San Luis Unit. After the state of California notified Reclamation that it would not provide a master drain for the San Joaquin Valley, Reclamation informed Congress that it would make provision for the construction of the San Luis interceptor drain.

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