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Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items

Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items published on

Authored by U.S. Army Research and Development Command

This volume represents a continuing effort to cover comprehensively the unclassified information on explosives and related subjects in the same manner and format as in previous volumes. The reader is urged to obtain the previous volumes and to read both the PREFACE and INTRODUCTION in Volume I in order to understand the authors’ way of presenting the subject matter.

In preparation for and during the writing of this Encyclopedia, the authors have consulted freely with and have had the cooperation of many individuals who contributed their expert knowledge and advice. This fact is acknowledged throughout the text at the end of the subject item. A listing of many others who have helped in various ways would be impractical

Drs J. Roth, A.P. Hardt and Mr D.E. Seeger of the private sector contributed significantly in the literature searching and writing of many of the articles in this volume. In addition, Ms R. Meredith, P. Altner, J. Blodgett, J. DePreter, M. Ng, E. Ragolski, Messrs I. Haznedari and A. Famell of STINFO Division (Library), Messrs A. Anzalone and L. Silver of PLASTEC, all of ARRADCOM, Dover, NJ, gave unstintingly of their time and effort in such diverse supporting tasks as computerized searches and retrievals, Beiistein and Gmelin manual searches, and publication procurement, translation and reproduction services

Dr Raymond F. Walker, Energetic Materials Division Chief, provided financial support and encouragement to continue this work, as did Mr Edward J. Kolb of Headquarters, US Army Materiel Develop. ment and Readiness Command (DARCOM). Further financial support was received from the sale of volumes to non-government agencies and individuals by the National Technical Information Service, US Department of Commerce, Springfield, Va 22161

Although considerable effort has been made to present this information as accurately as possible, mistakes and errors in transcription and translation do occur. Therefore, the authors encourage readers to consult original sources, when possible, and to feel free to point out errors and omissions of important work so that corrections and additions can be listed in the next volume. The interpretations of data and opinions expressed are often those of the authors, and are not necessarily those nor the responsibility of officials of ARRADCOM or the Department of the Army

This volume has been prepared for information purposes only and neither ARRADCOM nor the Department of the Army shall be responsible for any events or decisions arising from the use of any information contained herein.

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Aug 26 2014
1500940399 / 9781500940393
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US Trade Paper
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8.5″ x 11″
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