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More Than Numbers: Native American Actions at the Battle of the Little Bighorn

More Than Numbers: Native American Actions at the Battle of the Little Bighorn published on

Authored by United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College

For most Americans, the Battle of the Little Bighorn is epitomized during the
final minutes of the film “They Died With Their Boots On.”1 In this account, the noble
and dashing Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, played by Errol Flynn, and
the U.S. 7th Cavalry are pitted against an enormous band of savage and bloodthirsty
Indians. Custer realizes that his command is hopelessly outnumbered and an attack on
the Indians will certainly lead to its annihilation, but he also knows that if he fails to
attack the army column led by General Alfred Terry will be doomed to destruction. In
the grand tradition of military sacrifice for the greater good, Custer purposely leads his
loyal men into an ambush prepared by thousands of Sioux braves. Within moments, the
cavalrymen are completely encircled by hordes of horse-mounted Indians, who rain
scores of arrows and spears on the beleaguered troopers. The brave soldiers kill many
Indians as they ride “carousel like” around the troopers, but the sheer number of Sioux
warriors dwindle the number of cavalrymen standing until only Custer and several loyal
men remain valiantly fighting. Finally, the mounted Indians charge in an overwhelming
attack and slay the last man standing, George Armstrong Custer.

Publication Date:
Apr 08 2014
1497582121 / 9781497582125
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US Trade Paper
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8.5″ x 11″
Black and White
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History / Native American


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