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R44652 – Federal Government Employment: Veterans’ Preference in Competitive Examination – 10/11/2016

Author: Benjamin Collins, Analyst in Labor Policy
Pages: 15

This report discusses veterans’ preference and how it is applied to positions that use competitive examination processes to assess and select candidates.2 It begins by describing types of preference and how veterans qualify. The next sections describe how preference is implemented in the assessment and selection phases of the federal hiring processes. The final sections present data on the employment and hiring of veterans in the federal government and summarize issues for Congress. This report does not discuss special hiring authorities that allow qualified veterans to be appointed noncompetitively, nor does it discuss how preference is applied in cases where a hiring authority other than competitive examination is used.3 This report also does not discuss the role of veterans’ preference in providing special consideration to veteran employees during a reduction-in-force (RIF) at a federal agency.