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R41146 – Small Business Administration 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program – 10/13/2016

Author: Robert Jay Dilger, Senior Specialist in American National Government
Pages: 45

This report discusses the rationale provided for the 7(a) program; the program’s borrower and lender eligibility standards and program requirements; and program statistics, including loan volume, loss rates, use of proceeds, borrower satisfaction, and borrower demographics. It also examines issues raised concerning the SBA’s administration of the 7(a) program, including the oversight of 7(a) lenders and the program’s lack of outcome-based performance measures. Bills: H.R. 2936, H.R. 2462, H.R. 2499, H.R. 4213, H.R. 3854, H.R. 2936, H.R. 2451, H.R. 2461, H.R. 2462, H.R. 2499, H.R. 3132, H.R. 2936, H.R. 3854, S. 1828, S. 532, S. 2143, S. 2125