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RL33003 – Egypt: Background and U.S. Relations – 10/6/2016

RL33003 – Egypt: Background and U.S. Relations – 10/6/2016 published on

Author: Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs
Pages: 30

In 2016, President Abdel Fatah al Sisi and his military backers have continued to pursue their stated goals of relieving economic woes, rooting out corruption, and restoring domestic security. Opposition Islamist and secular political forces view Sisi’s regime differently; they portray the Sisi government as the reconstitution of an authoritarian order that is employs brutal tactics to quash dissent while rhetorically paying heed to the themes (corruption,1 inequality, and indignity) that sparked the 2011 uprising. Public political activism has died down considerably since the military’s ouster of former president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013. This may be due to both a crackdown against dissent (unauthorized public protests have been banned since 2013) and public fatigue from domestic instability.

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