R44586 – GI Bill Legislation Considered in the 114th Congress – 9/21/2016


GI Bill Legislation Considered in the 114th Congress

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Author: Cassandria Dortch, Analyst in Education Policy
Pages: 27

This report provides a description of and background for selected provisions in bills that did or would amend the GI Bills and have been reported by a committee of the 114th Congress as of July 2016. Several provisions would expand eligibility for the Post-9/11 GI Bill or for some payments within the bill. Several provisions are designed to improve the efficiency of the GI Bill application and claims processes, including the related IT systems. A few provisions are designed to curtail perceived abuses related to unacceptable programs of education or excessive benefit levels, or to reduce some benefit costs in order to help pay for the provisions that would increase other benefit costs. See Table 1 for a side-by-side summary of the provisions that have not been enacted. Bills: H.R. 3016, H.R. 2360