R40212 – Early Childhood Care and Education Programs: Background and Funding – 1/7/2014


Early Childhood Care and Education Programs: Background and Funding

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Author: Karen E. Lynch, Analyst in Social Policy; Gail McCallion, Specialist in Social Policy

Pages: 21

Federal support for child care and education comes in many forms, ranging from grant programs to tax provisions. Some programs serve as specifically dedicated funding sources for child care services (e.g., the Child Care and Development Block Grant, or CCDBG) or education programs (e.g., the Preschool Grants Program and Infants and Toddlers Program funded under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA). For other programs (e.g., Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF), child care is just one of many purposes for which funds may be used. In many cases, federal programs target low-income families in need of child care, but in the case of certain tax provisions, the benefits reach middle- and upper-income families as well. This report provides a funding overview and brief background information on federal child care, early education, and related programs (and tax provisions). The report begins with an update on funding for FY2014 (including congressional actions and the President’s budget request) and a summary of operating levels for FY2013. The report concludes with a six-year funding history and brief descriptions for the early childhood programs and tax provisions discussed throughout.