R41330 – National Monuments and the Antiquities Act – 9/7/2016


National Monuments and the Antiquities Act

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Author: Carol Hardy Vincent, Specialist in Natural Resources Policy; Kristina Alexander, Legislative Attorney
Pages: 21

The Antiquities Act was a response to concerns over theft from and destruction of archaeological sites and was designed to provide an expeditious means to protect federal lands and resources. President Theodore Roosevelt used the authority in 1906 to establish Devil’s Tower in Wyoming as the first national monument. Sixteen of the 19 Presidents11 since 1906 created 150 monuments, including the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Zion, Olympic, the Statue of Liberty, and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. President Franklin Roosevelt used his authority the most often (36 times), while President Obama has proclaimed the most monument acreage (about 265 million, primarily in one expanded marine monument). Bills: H.R. 1495, H.R. 1439, H.R. 1434, S. 472, S. 17, H.R. 432, H.R. 1521, H.R. 758, S. 104, H.R. 382, H.R. 1881, H.R. 1459, H.R. 1526, H.R. 2192, H.R. 3895, S. 17