R43851 – Clean Air Issues in the 114th Congress: An Overview – 9/21/2016


Clean Air Issues in the 114th Congress: An Overview


Author: James E. McCarthy, Specialist in Environmental Policy
Pages: 20

In the 114th Congress, in addition to bills targeting GHG emissions discussed elsewhere in this report, the House has passed two bills that would overturn or delay specific EPA air regulations: H.R. 4557, the BRICK Act, which would delay implementation of hazardous air pollutant emission standards affecting brick and ceramic manufacturers until all legal challenges to the rules are settled; and H.R. 3797, the SENSE Act, which would ease emission limits under the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for electric generating units powered by coal refuse. In addition, H.R. 5538, the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies appropriation bill for FY2017, as passed by the House, contains numerous riders prohibiting EPA from using FY2017 funds to implement various authorities under the Clean Air Act. Bills: H.R. 3826, H.R. 2, H.R. 2042, H.R. 1044, H.R. 1327, H.R. 1388, H.R. 2111, S. 640, S. 751