R44602 – DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues – 2016-08-23


DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues

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Author: Bolko J. Skorupski, Research Assistant
Pages: 64

This report provides a general overview of current DOD Title 10 authorities to assist foreign governments, militaries, security forces, and populations funded by the DOD budget. It presents background information on the evolving DOD security cooperation mission and the recent development of the statutory framework through which DOD conducts security cooperation activities. It provides summary overviews of nine categories of security cooperation assistance and activities, including the amounts of congressionally authorized funding, where available, and any legislatively required State Department input. It discusses recent issues related to the development, implementation, sustainment, and coordination of security cooperation to support continuing congressional oversight. Two tables in the appendix provide information on current Title 10 security cooperation authorities. The first catalogs current security cooperation authorities, noting legislative mandates for State Department input and notification and reporting requirements. The second provides a snapshot of authorized and/or appropriated funding levels for select security cooperation authorities. Bills: H.R. 4909