R44639 – Military Construction: FY2017 Appropriations – 9/19/2016


Military Construction: FY2017 Appropriations

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Author: Daniel H. Else, Specialist in National Defense
Pages: 14

Military construction for active and reserve components of the armed forces, military family housing construction and operations, the U.S. contribution to the NATO Security Investment Program, military base closures and realignment actions, and the military housing privatization initiative will be funded through Title I and Title IV of the FY2017 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. The act is associated with three separate bill numbers: H.R. 4974, S. 2806, and H.R. 2577. Bills: H.R. 4974, H.R. 2577, H.R. 5293, H.R. 4909, S. 2806, S. 2806, S. 3000, S. 2943