RS20871 – Iran Sanctions – 9/21/2016


Iran Sanctions

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Author: Kenneth Katzman, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs
Pages: 88

This report analyzes U.S. and international sanctions against Iran and provides some examples, based on open sources, of companies and countries that conduct business with Iran. CRS has no way to independently corroborate any of the reporting on which these examples are based and no mandate to assess whether any firm or other entity is complying with U.S. or international sanctions against Iran. The sections below are grouped according to functional theme, in the chronological order in which these themes have emerged in U.S. policy toward Iran. Bills: 2880, H.R. 4310, H.R. 1540, H.R. 3284, H.R. 4301, H.R. 3646, H.R. 3273, H.R. 3457, H.R. 3728, H.R. 3662, H.R. 4257, H.R. 4342, S. 1475, S. 3022, S. 2086