R43889 – Health Policy: Resources for Congressional Staff – 2016-09-16


Health Policy: Resources for Congressional Staff

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Author: Ada S. Cornell, Information Research Specialist; Janet Kinzer, Information Research Specialist; Angela Napili, Information Research Specialist
Pages: 23

This report is intended to serve as a starting point for congressional staff assigned to cover issues related to health care policy. It outlines major government stakeholders as well as relevant laws, regulations, federal programs, sources of data, and Congressional Research Service (CRS) products. It also includes links to CRS’s “Issues Before Congress,” which provide a substantive introduction to the specific health-related policy issues Congress is currently considering. The report focuses on major government health care programs, private health insurance, public health, and the health care delivery system. It does not include information related to global (foreign) health programs or health care services provided by the military, Veterans Health Administration, Indian Health Service, or Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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